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Rewriting the rules between women and work


No Longer Choose Between Family And Work.

A full-family solution for return-to-work parents is here.

Join the movement.

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We provide companies with a turnkey solution to support a return to work parent


The Jane Club on-campus

The Jane Club is the first and only shared workspace that provides integrated on-site child care, community programming and a soft landing for return to work mothers.

The Jane Club On-Campus is an extension of this work by providing companies with a turnkey solution that supports work / life balance that not only retains but engages employees, boosts productivity and save the company millions in preventative action.

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$57B': 'The amount of productivity and revenue lost due to the childcare crisis.


jane Clubs areN’t AN IDEA: THEY’rE A solution.  

There is an inevitable shift in the workplace: flex hours and working-mother Executives to start. Data has grown around women who leave the workspace for motherhood since childcare is so expensive--but so many of them realize they still want to work!

America is the only country in the world that does not provide guaranteed paid Family and Medical Leave.

The Jane Club On-Campus corrects that. Integrating our successful model of shared workspace, on-site child care and community programming and support, The Jane Club On-Campus works with your company utilizing existing office space to create a soft landing with dedicated staff for return to work parents, with infants as early as three months.

 The Jane Club takes care of parents first, so that all may thrive.

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