+Are you currently accepting members?

Yes! We are now pre-selling memberships to our Los Angeles location (Larchmont) opening in early 2019. To learn more, please schedule a tour.

+What are the hours of operation?

We are open as a workspace from Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM. After 6 PM, we host Jane Club community events and are available for private gatherings until 10 PM.

+What’s included in my membership?

All Jane memberships include:

  • Access to all communal workspaces.
  • Access to The Nest ($20/ hour).
  • Community Programming such as Meditation, Ask & Gives, Fireside Chats.
  • Concierge to assist with bookings.
  • Bookable conference rooms for private meetings and phone calls.

+What’s not included in my membership?

  • Workout classes.
  • Blowouts.
  • Manicures and Pedicures.
  • Car Washes and other services.
  • Certain Enrichment Classes (ie. Wine Course, Spanish 101).
  • Ticketed VIP Events.

+What is your guest policy?

You are welcome to bring guests with you to The Jane Club. Your guests are only permitted to use the space when you are present.

+Can my guest bring their children?

With notice, guests can book childcare at The Nest at a rate of $25/ hour.

+Are there children running around everywhere?

Children have a separate entrance into The Nest, our dedicated children’s space. Our members can spend time with their children in The Nest, but the children are not allowed in the communal workspaces with the exception of breastfeeding babies. The Jane Club welcomes and supports breastfeeding mothers and their babies in all areas of our space.

+What are the age requirements for children at The Nest?

The Nest welcomes children starting at age 3 months. After hours and during events, The Nest is available for children up to 12 years of age. We are open to further discussion based on the needs of our members and their children.

+Do my children have to be vaccinated?


+I don’t have children, can I still join?


+Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, you may freeze your membership for up to 2x a year.

+Are men allowed?

Yes, men are welcome as guests, members and fathers.

+Are pets welcome at The Jane Club?

For the comfort and health of our members, we ask that you please leave your pets at home. If you require the support of a service animal please let us know.

+Can I talk on the phone or play my music at The Jane Club?

Members may talk on the phone in any of the communal spaces at The Jane Club with the exception of the Quiet Room. We simply ask that everyone is considerate with appropriate volume levels. Earphones are provided for members to listen to their music and watch videos at their computer if they need.

+Is there a cafe or food available for purchase?

We provide our members with complimentary coffee, juices, and snacks. Members and their guests are welcome to bring food and beverages with them to enjoy at any time during work hours. We can also arrange for food delivery for our members.

+Does The Jane Club welcome all members?

Yes! The Jane Club does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion and national origin.