The Art of Gathering: A Community Activation

The Art of Gathering: A Community Activation


Along with our friends from Harness, you are invited to experience a rare opportunity: a live, dynamic, masterful studio session to experience The Art of Gathering exclusively at The Jane Club.

In this highly interactive special event, author and master facilitator Priya Parker will design a live laboratory at The Jane Club that connects us to each other in new provocative and intimate ways, while breaking down the anatomy of what actually makes for transformative gatherings. 

Drawing from her new book -- just out May 15th -- The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It MattersParker will lead a Master Class that will help you get to know each other more deeply, and then reverse engineers live what she does to create this experience, and how you can up your own gathering game in all parts of your life. 

Parker is a master facilitator, and facilitates off-the-record gatherings with leaders all over the world. A beautiful, powerful experience, The Jane Club and Harness is bringing Parker to do her exclusive laboratory for an Invite-Only event. The result is a dynamic, memorable, exciting experience that gives people real tools to walk away with and apply to all of the gatherings in their own lives. 

Sitters will be available in The Nest should you need it.

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