Create & Cultivate: These Workspace Cofounders Share the Problem With Saying Women Can "Have It All”

June Diane Raphael and Jess Zaino want to make coming back from maternity leave easier for new moms. The actor-producer duo, mothers themselves, found themselves constantly apologizing for their own motherhood—so they decided to do something about it. Enter The Jane Club, a Los Angeles-based coworking space where working and mothering go hand in hand. Beyond a (staggeringly beautiful) workspace, the club also offers full-time childcare and amenities like gym space, car washes, and wellness exams.

Below, June and Jess talk about what inspired the club and the best advice they’ve ever received.

From the article:

Can women really “have it all?” Is that a myth?

We believe this phrase has been launched at women without any infrastructure in place to actually support them “having it all”—and it’s had damaging results. The Jane Club is interested in creating real support for women in their real lives and honoring all the work that they do. Can you imagine a world in which taking care of our children, elderly parents, and ourselves was valued?

What advice would you give to new moms who are facing the same pressure you faced when returning to work?

First, we would ask if their employer would consider having them work out of The Jane Club for their first year back at work. They can have their infants with us at The Nest and breastfeed in any area of The Jane Club.

If that’s not possible, our advice would be to reach out to their village for help—to be honest about what they need.

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Amy Merrill