Harper's Bazaar: The Jane Club Is the Ultimate Work Space for Moms

Founded by Grace and Frankie's June Diane RaphaelI, The Jane Club offers everything from on-site childcare to on-demand manicures, and chef-prepared meals.

Earlier this year, the actress launched The Jane Club, a shared work and community space for women that’s all about connection, self-care, and social and political change. Set inside a light-filled 2,300-square foot cottage in LA, The Jane Club boasts an on-site childcare facility, along with on-demand manicures, blowouts, yoga, meditation, Spanish classes, chef-prepared meals and a dry-cleaning service.

But what sets The Jane Club apart is its socially conscience commitment to making a difference in the world, and in women’s lives, says co-founder Jess Zaino. The venture is about building an eco system, and that includes partnering with brands that align with The Jane Club’s mission to create a village that values and centers on the work women do: their careers, care taking, and community building.

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Amy Merrill